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Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal de Santa CruzKamala Education & Training operates under the direction of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz. CELTA Galápagos is a specific project under the broader training structure. Our CELTA Galápagos staff are passionate professionals from the U.K, Ecuador, Australia and Canada that have come together to design this CELTA course to address the specific needs of our candidates in one of the most exotic locations on earth.

Cambridge English - Language Assessment - Authorised Centre: CELTA Course Galápagos | CELTA GalápagosAs a Cambridge English Language Authorized Centre, it is our mission to provide you with the highest quality training that allows you to gain the experience and confidence you need to teach English anywhere in the world to non-native speakers.

CELTA Course Galapagos

Unique to our centre, is the incredible natural environment and the opportunity to interact with the unique flora and fauna and participate in sustainable development projects and environmental protection. Helping to educate the local population is an essential part of your course and you may even wish to volunteer on the islands once the course is complete. We have developed this project with the aim of creating a win/win for both our CELTA candidates as well as for the people of the local community.



Your Trainers:

Cathy has been working as an ESL teacher trainer for most of the last fifteen years. This has included working on Cambridge CELTA courses in Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, the UK, the US and Venezuela. She has also been a CELTA assessor for over ten years. Recently, she has been dividing her time between Australia, Canada and South America.

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