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Cambridge English - Language Assessment - Authorised Centre: CELTA Course Galápagos | CELTA GalápagosWhat’s next?

If you decide to apply for the course, we will send you a course application and pre-interview task. Once you have completed them and returned them to us via email, our main course tutor will get in touch with you to let you know if you meet the entry requirements. If you do, we will arrange an interview.

During the interview

The tutor will discuss the pre-interview task and other issues relating to the application. She will discuss the CELTA course content and the requirements and commitment necessary to complete the course. You will have an opportunity to discuss any queries you may have, and decide if the CELTA course is right for you.

If we feel that you will be a good fit for the course, we will offer you a place and help you make logistical arrangements. At this time, you would be required to pay for your course which would then guarantee your reservation for your chosen course dates. Please see our course fees and optional accommodation prices for details. Once confirmed, we will send you all the necessary material to prepare for your course and the main course tutor, as well as our administrative staff, will be available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

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