Environmental Projects and Volunteering

Volunteer Options:

There is a broad variety of volunteer options in Santa Cruz, so a lot depends on what you would like to do and what your time commitment is. We can be flexible regarding the various positions, so you don´t need to commit to the exact placement before you come to the islands. We can finalize the schedule and classes during your final few weeks in the CELTA course, once you have a better idea of what life is like on the islands. In February, we ran a program that placed volunteers running their own tutorial classes five evenings per week, 2 hour each session, for the students that were falling behind with their regular classes. This was very successful and our volunteer said that it was the perfect time-commitment for him given that he had a keen interest in scuba-diving and wanted to be out on the water during the day. Note also that a two hour teaching session could take up to 2 hours to prepare in advance.

Here are a few examples of the types of projects you can do:

  • Students who are behind in their classes and need extra classes to pass their exams
    The regular semester starts in the middle of April, but students are keen for extra sessions/tutorials at any time. Generally, evening classes are preferred (e.g. 6pm to 8pm; 7pm to 9pm)
  • English conversation practice for Civil Servants
    Evening courses 2, 3 or 4 days per week, 2 hours per session
  • Kindergarten Children
    Read children’s books in the library. Daytime schedule between 3pm and 5pm; 1-5 days per week
  • Tourism trade workers
    The Municipality has a lot of groups asking for help with basic conversational English to help tourism workers (e.g. waiters, tour-guides, etc.). These types of sessions will usually be early in the morning (e.g. 7am to 9am); on weekends; or possibly in the evening.

Volunteering only:

Only volunteering without CELTA Certification Course ONLY US$ 42 per day
Please contact us directly at volunteers@celtagalapagos.com

  • Accommodation
  • volunteering* placement
  • Minimum 2 weeks of volunteering position

*18 years old and over – NO teaching experience necessary

Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal de Santa CruzThe Municipal Government of Santa Cruz runs a series of projects and activities to improve the environmental impact of human presence on the islands. There are always plenty of opportunities for you to put your training into practice by volunteering at a local school or community centre. Activities include reading to children in the local library, participating in a football/soccergame or nature hike with school children, or even following a tour of the islands to help the local guides with their spoken English.

All of these options are purely voluntary and not linked in any way to your CELTA course or the grade you receive. They are simply offered for those wishing to stay a while longer on the islands or gain some more practical teaching experience.

unescoThere are also a variety of environmental projects such as beach clean ups, invasive animal control, recycling programs, re-vegetation initiatives, and illegal fishing information programs. Volunteer opportunities for these projects will be dependent on the demand for workers and status of the project at the time of your stay on the islands.

Helping to educate the local population is an integral part of the 4-week course and there is a fabulous opportunity to volunteer on the islands once your course is completed. The majority of the population is Spanish speaking, so recently-qualified teachers can offer valuable assistance in teaching English to the locals. There are currently not enough English teachers on the Galápagos Islands. They really need qualified volunteers to stay on after the course and help educate the local community, whose main source of income is the tourism industry where English is essential.

Cambridge English - Language Assessment - Authorised Centre: CELTA Course Galápagos | CELTA GalápagosThe municipal authorities in the Galápagos are particularly keen to help with this project as they see it as a win-win situation for both the volunteer teachers and the native population. It is a chance to spend time in this precious environment, as much more than a tourist, and do something truly rewarding and memorable.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities after your CELTA course.

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