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CELTA Galápagos staff are passionate professionals from the U.K, Ecuador, Australia and Canada that have come together to design this CELTA course to address the specific needs of our candidates in one of the most exotic locations on earth.

As a Cambridge English Language Authorized Centre, it is our mission to provide you with the highest quality training that allows you to gain the experience and confidence you need to teach English anywhere in the world to non-native speakers.

Unique to our centre, is the incredible natural environment and the opportunity to interact with the unique flora and fauna and participate in sustainable development projects and environmental protection. Helping to educate the local population is an essential part of your course and you may even wish to volunteer on the islands once the course is complete. We have developed this project with the aim of creating a win/win for both our CELTA candidates as well as for the people of the local community.

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Review of the CELTA Galápagos course plus volunteering package:

CELTA Galápagos course plus volunteering package with teacher AndyI spent a month in Puerto Ayora in the Galápagos as a volunteer English teacher, working with the university students there.

They all have to study English whatever their course might be (Biology, Economics, whatever…), and if they don’t pass the English exam they are thrown out, so it’s quite important for them.

It was a great experience for me as I had done no English teaching before.

The Galápagos Islands are part of Ecuador so the students naturally speak Spanish.

This meant that I got to practise my Spanish quite a bit too – you can teach English without knowing the language of your students, but it’s rather easier, especially with the beginners, if you can speak their language.

It’s a very safe environment – quieter and safer than mainland South America – and the main business is tourism. So you can, for example, eat in the tourist parts of town and get a nice meal at tourist prices, or you can eat in the places where the locals eat, which is much less expensive.

My role was to run special classes for those students who weren’t really keeping up with the main class, and who were likely to fail without extra help.

There are very few native English speaking teachers on the island – in fact Leonie, Australian, was the only one at the university – so I felt that my native English was very useful for them to hear.

The students were very nice, mostly in their 20’s but a few rather older. The atmosphere was very laid back and overall I had a great time.

I also visited some of the other islands, went scuba diving, climbed Cerro Crocker, and of course the wild life is incredible and if you like sun and sand then there’s no shortage.

February 2015

CELTA Course Galápagos - group CELTA Course Galápagos - Congratulations to our first graduated students – Course 2015 CELTA Course Galápagos - group

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